Our commercial team is well-versed in various sectors and brings a detailed understanding of market trends and business needs to every negotiation. This expertise allows us to move efficiently, crafting agreements that balance all viewpoints with a strong focus on your priorities.

We seek to continually add to our knowledge, for example, from your technical team. We are passionate about your business and enjoy discussing strategies and commercial rationale with your management team. With each interaction, our team will gain deeper insights into your operations, enabling us to add significant value to your deals.

Our goal is to make your commercial dealings straightforward and successful, ensuring they comply with regulations and are set up for success, every step of the way.

Manufacturing & Supply Agreements

We guide leading companies in the energy, pharmaceutical, defence, and industrial sectors on sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling their products and services globally.

Service Agreements

Our team is skilled in drafting, negotiating, and managing service agreements tailored to your unique needs, aligning closely with your strategic goals and business operations.

Franchising Agreements

We advise franchisors on developing and implementing franchise programs and assist franchisees with compliance and other key aspects of their franchise operations.

Agency & Distribution Agreements

Our strategy focuses on protecting your interests and establishing clear, practical terms that enhance your market presence and foster strong business relationships. 

Works Agreements 

We support clients across a range of industries with developing clear, enforceable agreements that outline responsibilities, deliverables, timelines, and payment conditions, essential for the problem-free execution of projects.

License Agreements

Our expertise includes negotiating and structuring license agreements designed to promote growth, protect assets, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Our mission is to help you tackle the challenges of corporate governance and decision-making with straightforward advice tailored to your needs. Your strategic goals are our top priority, ensuring you can move through the legal world with the confidence that comes from having a supportive team by your side every step of the way.

Corporate Governance 

We provide expert guidance on the full spectrum of corporate governance issues with a careful balance of compliance and strategic foresight to position your board for effective decision-making and leadership. 

General Corporate Counselling

Our team offers ongoing counsel to address the full spectrum of corporate matters. We will be the trusted advisors you can always turn to, ready with practical solutions that fit your business’s unique needs.

Directors’ Responsibilities & Liability

We provide clear, actionable advice to help directors fulfil their roles with confidence, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.

Group and Corporate reorganisations 

We specialize in managing transitions smoothly, focusing on the legal details while keeping your strategic goals at the forefront. 

Capital Changes

We provide guidance on the full spectrum of capital changes, whether through private capital injections or public flotations to support your company’s financial health and growth ambitions.

Strategic Advice

In an ever-changing environment, strategic agility is key. We provide forward-thinking advice that anticipates market shifts and regulatory trends, to help you adapt and thrive. 


From the initial structuring of your transaction to seamless integration after a merger, we’re here to support you during every step of your deal. Our approach is to gain an in-depth understanding of the deal and manage your transaction from start to finish, ensuring we’re always ahead of the curve, ready to tackle potential issues and apply smart and innovative strategies to ensure success.

Our strength comes to light particularly when challenges arise. Thanks to our years of experience, we can quickly think on our feet and find effective, creative solutions for the best outcomes. And we are relentless in overcoming anything that stands in the way of achieving your goals.

Transaction Structuring

We tailor transaction structures to meet your strategic goals, handling complex cross-border issues and regulatory frameworks.


Our focus is on protecting your interests, enhancing investment value, and ensuring problem-free integration of new entities, driving meaningful growth and your competitive edge.


We guide you in preparing your business for sale, managing M&A tenders efficiently, and ensuring transaction certainty and effective liability management to protect your interests during and after disposal.

Joint Ventures

We help you form strong partnerships with clear governance, distribution, and exit strategies, supporting successful collaborations and sustainable growth.


Highly experienced in handling the legal, financial, and operational intricacies of carve-outs, we are proactive in identifying and minimizing risks, ensuring your interests are protected while facilitating the target’s successful transition and operational independence.

Technology, IP & Privacy

The rapid pace of technological developments across many sectors demands increasingly knowledgeable and tech-savvy legal professionals. Today’s technology lawyers must delve deeply into product design, data flows, subcontractor relations, and operational processes—far beyond a basic understanding of commercial relations and market practices.

In response to these shifts, we work closely with our clients’ technical and development teams, and management, to enhance our expertise and ensure the accuracy of our advice. Our experience spans a diverse array of industries, including telecom, energy, industrial manufacturing, defence, transportation, and fintech, enabling us to navigate the complex technology landscape effectively.


Our technology practice covers extensive transactional work, funding and investments, intellectual property, employment issues, regulation, and compliance. We also assist clients with domestic and international public procurement contracts, technology integration, customer trial frameworks, and new product development and design.


Our intellectual property services cover the entire lifecycle of innovation and creativity in a commercial setting. This includes setting up frameworks for IP creation, protection, and management, handling IP acquisition, disposal, sharing, and licensing, and representing clients in IP-related litigations and disputes. Our extensive experience with clients in the pharmaceutical sector and technological areas enhances our ability to support broader engagements, including M&A and real estate, with comprehensive IP expertise.


Privacy and data protection are relevant to all sectors. Our firm provides privacy expertise to support all practices, addressing a wide spectrum of data protection issues. This includes developing compliance strategies, assessing processing activities, and implementing redesigns. We liaise with data subjects and authorities to ensure compliance and offer guidance on best practices. Our collaboration with technical security advisors enhances our capacity to deliver informed and practical guidance.

Restructuring and Insolvency

The markets are unpredictable and economic cycles can lead to more frequent distressed situations across various industries. These challenges present parties with unique risks and opportunities.

Our team is ideally positioned to guide clients through distressed situations, whether representing debtors or helping investors and creditors capitalise on these opportunities. We have extensive experience working with stakeholders facing financial distress and closely collaborate with our colleagues in finance, corporate, dispute resolution, and regulatory practices. This holistic approach allows us to strategically approach restructuring and insolvency matters, helping our clients maximise recoveries, minimise risks, and achieve optimal outcomes.

We represent clients in all aspects of restructuring and insolvency, both in-court and out-of-court, including debt and equity capital raising, debt rescheduling and refinancing, distressed M&A, liquidations, investigations, insolvency litigation, and directors’ duties. Our clients include both debtors and creditors, such as corporations, funds, banks, and other financial institutions, as well as companies and investors looking to take a stake in distressed businesses.

Creditors’ Representation

We represent creditors in complex domestic and cross-border insolvency proceedings, including at creditors’ committees, to maximise recoveries on their claims through strategic remedies and negotiations. Our approach includes negotiating favourable restructuring plans, asset tracing, and representing creditor interests in court.

Directors’ Duties

Our team regularly advises company management on their responsibilities when facing financial distress or dealing with troubled debtors. We provide strategic guidance to achieve the most favourable outcome while ensuring compliance with fiduciary duties and minimising personal liability.

Debt and Equity Capital Raising

We support clients in raising debt or equity capital via loan facilities, bond issuances, and strategic investments from opportunistic financial or strategic investors, ensuring their capital-raising efforts align with their financial goals and market conditions.

Debt Rescheduling and Refinancing

We help clients restructure their existing debt and negotiate new financing arrangements to improve their financial position by negotiating with creditors, drafting restructuring agreements, coordinating with financial institutions to secure more favourable terms, and developing comprehensive workout strategies that minimise risks and maximise recovery.

Distressed M&A

We support clients in distressed M&A, recognising the need for swift deal execution, which is crucial in distressed scenarios. Our team crafts effective risk allocation strategies, focuses due diligence on key assets, and provides guidance on managing post-transaction clawback risks.

Insolvency Litigation

We represent clients in insolvency-related litigation, including preference claims, disputes over creditor claims and voting rights.

Real Estate & Construction

Real estate underpins the foundation of modern commerce and daily life, hosting our businesses, homes, and communities. In Slovakia, the commercial and industrial sectors reflect this essential role, navigating through a landscape shaped by economic fluctuations and investment trends. Despite facing challenges such as high interest rates and cautious economic forecasts for 2024, these sectors continue to adapt and evolve, driven by sustained demand and strategic market responses.

Our legal team has extensive experience assisting local and international real estate developers and investors across Slovakia. We manage a broad spectrum of projects, from the development, acquisition, and sale of administrative buildings and industrial estates to logistics centres, shopping centres, residential complexes, hotels, and mixed-use developments.

We provide comprehensive guidance during all stages of real estate projects. Our services include advising on property acquisitions, overseeing project design and development, managing construction processes, and addressing the operational and commercial aspects. Additionally, we assist with restructuring projects, forming joint ventures, and managing property disposals.

By working closely with our clients, we ensure their strategic objectives are achieved, helping them capitalize on market opportunities and tackling any challenges they encounter. 


Our team expertly guides construction projects from start to finish, managing procurement, contracts, and resolving disputes to ensure projects are completed on time. We use our extensive experience to help investors reduce risks without increasing costs.

Permitting & Environment

We conduct legal feasibility studies, navigate environmental regulations, secure permits, and challenge unlawful decisions, while keeping pace with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our proactive approach helps clients stay compliant and ensures their projects advance efficiently.

Operations & Asset Management

Our familiarity with our clients’ real estate portfolios enhances our ability to provide valuable insights on operations and asset management. This understanding allows us to provide tailored advice that optimizes property performance and value.


Leveraging our extensive experience, we understand how crucial strategic legal and tax structuring is for successful real estate deals, and we tailor our approach to effectively advance our clients’ commercial goals.


We assist landlords in streamlining the leasing process, drawing on our detailed knowledge of the properties to support robust letting strategies. This ensures our clients can rely on us for seamless execution of their leasing agreements.

Joint Ventures & Structuring

We bring substantial experience to structuring property deals, including joint ventures between investors and developers. Our strategic advice benefits from insights gained through our long-standing collaborations with tax advisors, enabling us to structure and restructure projects effectively.


We advise on property acquisition financing, development finance, refinancing, and multi-tier financing for construction projects in the energy sector. Our expertise helps clients find the best funding solutions, simplifying complex financial decisions.

Distressed Situations

We support clients in challenging situations, including the acquisition or disposal of distressed assets, and terminating and evicting distressed tenants. By careful planning and applying our deep legal expertise, we safeguard our clients’ interests and enhance their investment outcomes.


We handle disputes involving permits with authorities, conflicts between investors and contractors, such as complex international FIDIC cases, and issues between landlords and tenants at court proceedings, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution processes, and out-of-court settlements. 

Public Policy

Rapid technological advancements, growing environmental concerns, and geopolitical and economic transformations are shaping ambitious governmental policies and legislative reforms. These changes pose both opportunities and challenges to established business models. Proactively engaging with governments to provide valuable private sector insights, drawn from daily management of complex systems, is crucial for business success. This engagement is especially important for companies operating in the EU, where a deep understanding of the complex interplay between EU institutions and Member States is essential.

Drawing on our experience from assisting both governmental and private sectors, we help our clients understand government processes in Slovakia, track and assess legislative developments, respond to legislative proposals, and participate effectively in the legislative process. Our team has developed strategies to mitigate adverse legislation, including through compliance assessments with constitutional and EU law and advocating for client interests.

We have a broad network of cooperating partners across a number of jurisdictions thanks to the international background of our senior team, including experience in London, Brussels, and Paris. This enables us to collaborate with specialists who bring expertise needed for evaluating proposed measures effectively and analyse issues from a comparative perspective.


Our projects practice provides specialized services for energy, infrastructure, and large-scale development projects. Our team members have a strong track record, representing clients in significant undertakings such as the Mochovce nuclear power plant and major Slovak PPP projects (R1, D1, D4/R7), as well as PPP initiatives in the Czech Republic. We utilize our deep industry knowledge and regulatory expertise to effectively assess project risks, supporting our clients in strategic decision-making.

Our extensive experience through various project stages provides us with critical insights. When drafting and negotiating construction contracts, we draw on our litigation and arbitration experience to offer practical solutions. In M&A transactions, our intimate understanding of our clients’ businesses and assets allows us to effectively mitigate risks and ensure smooth transactions.

Development & Construction



Regulatory & Permitting 


Private Equity

Our private equity team is dedicated to supporting you through every stage of your investment journey, whether it’s setting up funds or navigating acquisitions and exits.

What makes us unique in the local market is our team’s extensive international experience and long-standing presence in the private equity sector. For more than 20 years our partners have been involved in significant private equity transactions across the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region and in London, UK. This depth of experience means we can offer you advice which is practical and prompt, crucial in the fast-paced world of private equity.

We have deep expertise across various industries, including real estate, telecoms, insurance, financial services, food & beverages, and energy. We leverage this knowledge to provide solutions that not only address your legal needs but also enhance your strategic objectives.

Fund Formation  

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fund formation. We craft custom solutions to enhance your success.


We provide essential support with deal structuring, negotiation, and due diligence, ensuring your transactions are legally sound and strategically beneficial.

Portfolio Company Advice

From supporting operational efficiencies and market expansion strategies to refining governance and strategizing exits, we’re here to help your portfolio companies grow and succeed.

Debt Finance

We advise on structuring debt in line with your fund’s strategy, securing favourable terms while ensuring legal compliance.

Distressed Assets

Our team delivers expert advice on acquisitions, restructuring, and turnaround initiatives, turning challenges into opportunities.

Private Clients, Trusts & Estates

For many years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with local clients, helping them grow their wealth as owners, managers, and investors. As well as guiding them through the complexities of their successful businesses, we also assisted them with their personal and private capital needs, ensuring their families are well taken care of in the future.

Existing local laws often don’t meet the specific needs of prosperous modern families in areas such as estate planning, inheritance, wills, and setting up family trusts and foundations. We have successfully helped clients move their businesses and family residences overseas. We assisted them in managing their wealth and planning for future generations more effectively by leveraging our international network.

However, most of our clients have deep roots in Slovakia with multi-generational family ties, meaning relocation is not a feasible option. Over the years, with the help of trusted advisors in more traditional estate planning jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jersey, and more recently the Czech Republic, we have developed robust structures that respect local constraints and ensure long-term security for the next generations.

Estate Planning and Wills 

We provide expert guidance on drafting wills and developing estate plans that reflect your personal desires and family needs, ensuring a problem-free inheritance of your assets according to your wishes.

Private Trusts and Foundations 

Our team specializes in establishing and administering trusts and foundations, creating solid frameworks for asset protection and long-term financial planning.

Protectors’ Assistance

We provide support services for family protectors, ensuring the interests of all family members are safeguarded and trust provisions are adhered to correctly.

Trust Management Assistance

We assist trustees and manage trusts, focusing on maintaining the integrity of the trust structure and ensuring it operates as intended for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries’ Schemes

We assist clients with designing elaborate beneficiary schemes that secure the financial future of multiple generations, tailored to each family’s unique circumstances.

Wealth Structuring

We help you structure your wealth in order to maximize financial efficiency and security by taking advantage of local and international opportunities.