Thinking of a career in law?

Think of Hillbridges as a unique starting point. 

You would join a team of young energetic people keen on doing exciting and interesting work. A team keen on quality, excellence and success. A team adamant about integrity, reliability and respect. 

Although we all believe these common values to be the cornerstone of our practice, we also cherish the individual nature of each member of our team. Each member’s distinct view and original ideas provide a one of a kind contribution to our work and enhance the quality of the whole team. 

What are we looking for?

We have started off as a relatively small team of lawyers. The market surely provides room for growth. However, we do not intend to increase in size just for the sake of becoming a large firm. We will only want to grow if we can find the right people who: 

  • share our values, our drive to succeed and the pride we take in our work
  • are bright and intelligent lawyers interested in developing their skills
  • are creative and energetic and can work well under pressure
  • commit to working hard and delivering clients the best service possible
  • have the potential to rank among the best lawyers in the market

Piece of cake? Definitely not!

Work at Hillbridges requires a great deal of individual commitment and a drive to succeed. It is often very demanding, both intellectually and in terms of the time and effort that is required from lawyers and staff at all levels. The reward is the accelerated development of technical skills and praise from satisfied clients as well as from your colleagues and, ultimately, from taking pride in a job well done. Nevertheless, we acknowledge this magnitude of personal commitment and dedication and take care to monitor and minimise potential adverse effects. 

What are you looking for?

If you think you would like to become a part of our team, then you are most likely looking to: 

  • join a dedicated team who respect each other and like to work together
  • work in a fast-paced and demanding environment
  • play an active role in the most interesting deals in Slovakia and the wider region
  • learn and develop your skills to become one of the best lawyers in the market

What to do next?

Should you wish to discuss any aspects of the work or life at Hillbridges, please feel free to contact any of our lawyers, who would be happy to answer your questions. 

Otherwise, if the above sounds about right, please let us know you are out there and what you have to offer by sending your resume to: 

  • Associate Recruitment, Hillbridges, Gorkého 4, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia


While we would be interested to find out more about you and your study and work achievements, please do not consider the above as an offer of employment.

For more information on how we use and share information you provide us, please refer to our Privacy policy.

Summer Internship

Since 2016, we have been cooperating with LEAF, the non-profit organization which helps skillful Slovak students studying at universities abroad to gain quality work experience during the summer holidays and after graduating, in top companies, public institutions and startups in Slovakia. 

Every summer, thanks to the Slovak Professionals Abroad Program, we welcome a few great students.

The aim of the internship

The aim of the internship is to provide you with a unique opportunity to participate in interesting projects and transactions. You will work in a team of young experienced lawyers led by partners who have worked for many years in Bratislava, London and Paris in one of the largest global international law firms. During the internship you will help us with various assignments and discover what it takes to work in a law firm on major commercial transactions. 

How to apply? 

You can find current positions on the website or let us know your interest directly and send your resume to: 


What they said about the internship

"Nine weeks at Hillbridges changed my career path and exceeded all my expectations of an internship in the legal sector in Slovakia. I was accepted as a full-fledged part of a dynamic team of lawyers and trainees from day one. The assignments I worked on were intellectually and time consuming, but extremely enriching and educational. Throughout the internship, I was always welcomed to talk to partners, associates or junior associates, and everyone was willing to help me, whether it was with assignments or with career dilemmas." 

Jana Šikorská, an intern at Hillbridges in 2018 (University of Exeter)


"It was a great opportunity to work alongside great professionals and experts, from whom I had the opportunity to learn something new every day and at the same time I felt that I was a full part of a team that is always willing to help."  

Róbert Košala, an intern at Hillbridges in 2021 (London School of Economics and Political Science)


"My internship at Hillbridges was very stimulating thanks to the people around me and also the tasks assigned to me. I have never felt like an ordinary intern, but a full member of the team. To share an office with a senior associate who had time for me and was willing to help or advise me was very helpful and enriching." 

Nela Štefanigová, an intern at Hillbridges in 2019 (Sciences Po Paris/Trinity College Dublin)


"My internship at Hillbridges was a great experience that helped me prepare for a traineeship at a London law firm." 

Žaneta Sedíleková, an intern at Hillbridges in 2016 (University of Glasgow/University of Cambridge)


“The internship at Hillbridges was my third work experience during my studies of international law, after having previously practiced in the public sector and in the start-up environment. It was a key experience that helped me to decide to return to Slovakia after studying abroad; I returned to the Hillbridges team to work as a full time trainee two years later. Working at Hillbridges has brought me valuable personal and professional growth and I know that when you join the Hillbridges team, you can expect dynamic work on interesting and challenging projects from a variety of commercial and non-commercial areas. More importantly, you can expect the support of an experienced team.”

Anna Mária Urbanová, an intern at Hillbridges in 2017 (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)


"Before the internship at Hillbridges, I did not even think about returning home and working as a lawyer in Slovakia, but after completing nine weeks at Hillbridges, I am actively considering returning and I can certainly imagine a career in Slovak corporate law. " 

Jana Šikorská, an intern at Hillbridges in 2018 (University of Exeter)