Rapid technological advancements, growing environmental concerns, and geopolitical and economic transformations are shaping ambitious governmental policies and legislative reforms. These changes pose both opportunities and challenges to established business models. Proactively engaging with governments to provide valuable private sector insights, drawn from daily management of complex systems, is crucial for business success. This engagement is especially important for companies operating in the EU, where a deep understanding of the complex interplay between EU institutions and Member States is essential.

Drawing on our experience from assisting both governmental and private sectors, we help our clients understand government processes in Slovakia, track and assess legislative developments, respond to legislative proposals, and participate effectively in the legislative process. Our team has developed strategies to mitigate adverse legislation, including through compliance assessments with constitutional and EU law and advocating for client interests.

We have a broad network of cooperating partners across a number of jurisdictions thanks to the international background of our senior team, including experience in London, Brussels, and Paris. This enables us to collaborate with specialists who bring expertise needed for evaluating proposed measures effectively and analyse issues from a comparative perspective.

Service Highlights

Slovak Republic on legislative implementation of changes to the emergency oil reserves holding structure

Slovak Administration of State Material Reserves on legislative changes to the Act on State Reserves

Transpetrol in cooperation with PwC on legislative amendments to create a tax friendly environment for leading global oil traders

eustream on analysing legislative proposal to introduce discriminatory taxation from both EU and Slovak law perspectives, and assessing options to challenge proposed discriminatory tax

Transpetrol on public procurement legislation, including amendments and implications of far reaching legislative reforms on the client’s procurement and contract management processes. Our role included providing guidance on changes to public procurement laws

Slovenské Elektrárne on various legislative change proposals regarding construction, environmental, permitting and energy laws