For many years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with local clients, helping them grow their wealth as owners, managers, and investors. As well as guiding them through the complexities of their successful businesses, we also assisted them with their personal and private capital needs, ensuring their families are well taken care of in the future.

Existing local laws often don’t meet the specific needs of prosperous modern families in areas such as estate planning, inheritance, wills, and setting up family trusts and foundations. We have successfully helped clients move their businesses and family residences overseas. We assisted them in managing their wealth and planning for future generations more effectively by leveraging our international network.

However, most of our clients have deep roots in Slovakia with multi-generational family ties, meaning relocation is not a feasible option. Over the years, with the help of trusted advisors in more traditional estate planning jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jersey, and more recently the Czech Republic, we have developed robust structures that respect local constraints and ensure long-term security for the next generations.

Estate Planning and Wills 

We provide expert guidance on drafting wills and developing estate plans that reflect your personal desires and family needs, ensuring a problem-free inheritance of your assets according to your wishes.

Private Trusts and Foundations 

Our team specializes in establishing and administering trusts and foundations, creating solid frameworks for asset protection and long-term financial planning.

Protectors’ Assistance

We provide support services for family protectors, ensuring the interests of all family members are safeguarded and trust provisions are adhered to correctly.

Trust Management Assistance

We assist trustees and manage trusts, focusing on maintaining the integrity of the trust structure and ensuring it operates as intended for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries’ Schemes

We assist clients with designing elaborate beneficiary schemes that secure the financial future of multiple generations, tailored to each family’s unique circumstances.

Wealth Structuring

We help you structure your wealth in order to maximize financial efficiency and security by taking advantage of local and international opportunities.