As authorities extend their regulatory reach as regards investigating mergers, market behaviour, and anti-competitive actions, the risks for businesses are growing, both financially and reputationally. Understanding and managing these risks is essential to maintaining a strong, compliant business. Our team is dedicated to navigating these complexities with you, ensuring clarity and compliance in all your business activities.

Recent updates to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations globally mean stricter scrutiny of cross-border investments. Our advisors are ready to help you understand how these changes could impact your business and investment strategies. With deep knowledge of global trends and local laws, we will be your partners in navigating this evolving landscape.

Our firm has a wealth of experience in representing clients before the European Commission, and in European and national courts. This gives us unique insights into regulatory behaviour and judicial trends, which we use to provide you with strategic, actionable advice.

Merger Control 

Strategically guiding your pre-merger activities to ensure swift, assured regulatory approvals.


Providing tailored advice on FDI regimes to secure state approvals, aligned with your strategic interests.

Competition Authority Investigations

Providing expert guidance on information disclosure and defence strategies to safeguard your interests effectively.


Aligning your business practices and contracts with EU competition law, including Articles 101 and 102 TFEU, and ensuring seamless compliance integration.


Helping our clients build an effective culture of compliance by developing clear policies and providing ongoing training and audits to effectively meet global antitrust regulations.

Energy Market & Dominance 

Leveraging our strong presence in the energy sector, we evaluate potential market dominance issues and guide you through related challenges.

State Aid 

Whether it’s challenging competitors’ unfair advantages or navigating state aid applications or subsequent complaints, our experienced team is ready to assist.

Public Procurement

We will assist you with procurement scenarios such as tender structuring, competitive dialogue, and PPPs, and ensure post-signing contract changes comply with state aid and public procurement laws.

Litigation & Advocacy 

Effectively representing clients before the European Commission and EU Courts as regards state aid, competition law, and public procurement, etc.

Service Highlights

National Football Stadium on high-profile disputes involving complex public procurement and state aid issues before Slovak courts and the ECJ

Slovenské elektrárne on EU law issues, including discussions and negotiations with European Commission departments

Leading telecom operator in a formal investigation by the European Commission regarding alleged unlawful aid provided to a competitor

Zentiva on compliance with national and EU competition laws in relation to supply, pricing, marketing, and other commercial arrangements

Transpetrol on competition law implications of third-party rights to connect to and use Slovakia’s key oil pipeline system

International Association of Oil Transporters on developing comprehensive competition compliance program to ensure adherence to relevant regulations and best practices, overseeing implementation, and assisting with adherence evaluations throughout the organization

Two lawsuits of client vs. Slovak Republic for damages resulting from the adoption of legislation related to hybrid mail services in breach of EU law