Addressing major environmental challenges, such as climate change mitigation, environmental pollution, waste management, biodiversity protection, and natural resource scarcity, creates complex regulatory landscapes that impact how our clients operate. The shift towards renewable energy and clean technologies will open up new sectors, but also necessitates navigation of evolving regulatory frameworks. Balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability requires clear and efficient permitting legislation that ensures thorough assessment and procedural fairness without stifling innovation.

We are well positioned to help our clients navigate these complexities. Our services include drafting legislative and regulatory frameworks, advocating for our clients’ interests during public consultations, interpreting multi-layered regulations, conducting legal feasibility studies for strategic projects, advising on environmental impact assessments, facilitating interactions with governmental bodies to secure necessary permits, and challenging unlawful decisions to ensure just remedies.

Additionally, we provide guidance on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, particularly within the evolving EU framework on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. This includes expertise in corporate sustainability reporting, sustainable finance disclosure, and applying the EU’s green taxonomy for classifying sustainable economic activities. 

Service Highlights

Global car manufacturer on EIA aspects in connection with over€1bil. greenfield investment project in Slovakia

Slovenské elektrárne on environmental impact assessment related to the completion of Mochovce nuclear power plant project – issues related to the requirements of the Aarhus Convention, EIA assessment, etc.

GLP on EIA aspects related to a project in a prominent logistics area near Bratislava airport

Slovenské elektrárne on EIA aspects related to strategic negotiations of contracts on nuclear fuel supply and development

Successfully representing National Highway Company in a dispute with the Ministry of Environment regarding an EIA decision

EOSA on comprehensive review and assessment of insurance policies for environmental risks and damages in the highly regulated oil industry

SpS (Transpetrol subsidiary) on full environmental and licencing framework related to the storage of crude oil for Emergency Oil Stocks Agency

CRH on environmental issues related to the acquisition of Holcim Lafarge assets with a total enterprise value of EUR 6.5 bil.

BSP Schwechat on environmental legal issues related to the construction of an oil pipeline connecting Druzba system with Schwechat refinery in Austria

Zentiva on environmental issues in connection with the disposal of its manufacturing business in Slovakia