Today’s businesses face significant challenges as regards finding and retaining skilled talent as market demands and technological changes continue to evolve. Effectively managing employment issues is crucial for companies to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. We recognise that a generic approach to employment matters is no longer adequate, and are committed to providing tailored, practical advice that meets your specific needs.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients, from major players in the energy sector with thousands of employees to innovative startups and individual entrepreneurs. Our clients depend on us for support with their most challenging and sensitive employment issues, especially when situations become complex, and the stakes are high.

Executive Management 

Our team has extensive experience guiding executive boards and senior leaders through sensitive employment matters and corporate governance requirements. This includes managing complexities for individuals with a dual role as both executives and board members.

Organisational Structures

We have designed advanced employment structures within large organizations to mitigate risks and protect against potential legal consequences due to unintended employee actions. Our approach includes overhauling entire organizational frameworks, defining clear managerial roles, and ensuring consistent implementation of new policies at every level.

Innovative Arrangements

Responding to gaps in national ESOP regulations, we have teamed up with our tax advisors to develop strong, alternative ESOP frameworks tailored for our clients in private equity, venture capital, and emerging markets. We support you from the planning stages to the daily management of these frameworks.

Employee Representatives

Whether managing large-scale layoffs or complex organizational changes involving negotiating with unions, we are here to guide you strategically and ensure the entire processes are conducted smoothly and according to plan.

Cross-border Employment Issues

We excel in managing cross-border information and consultation processes, collaborating with our trusted legal partners in a number of jurisdictions to ensure alignment with your business objectives.

Transactional Employment Matters

Our expertise extends to the employment aspects of commercial deals such as mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring and making these transitions as seamless as possible.


We are adept at addressing sensitive issues such as immediate executive exits, garden leave, and restrictive agreements.

Intellectual Property

Our legal team specializes in intellectual property, which is essential when dealing with startups and R&D-focused companies, ensuring that all proprietary rights are securely established and protected.


We focus heavily on compliance and data privacy to ensure your business avoids legal problems.

Service Highlights

Grand Circle Cruise Lines on multiple cross-border employment issues in US, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany, etc. in relation to labour law, social security, health insurance and permanent tax establishments

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited together with Linklaters London, on multiple cross-border and local employment issues in connection with the global transfer of PwC’s assets related to its Global Mobility business to Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R), an American private equity fund

SmartHead on employment issues related to supporting their team’s transition and global expansion, crucial for the successful execution of an upcoming international acceleration phase

Large Slovak corporation on complex assessment of responsibilities of top management tiers and revision of related internal policies

Pixel Federation on setting-up multiparty employee incentive scheme

Gate 1 Travel Slovakia on multiple cross-border employment issues in US, Slovakia and Germany, etc. in relation to labour law, social security, health insurance and permanent tax establishments

PEWAS Innovative Chemistry on setting-up multiparty ESOP scheme for key stakeholders

SEC Technologies on comprehensive rebuild of organizational structure, including redesigning and implementing new competence and responsibility cascades

Air Slovakia on Slovak employment law issues relating to employment agreements, consulting agreements, employment terminations and trade union matters

Sanofi Group on complex employment and labour law issues and related disputes and collective bargaining matters, including on European Works Council related matters

NAFTA on employment issues in connection with corporate restructuring

MOL Energy Trade on setting up internal employment policies and rules, draft employment and management contracts, and issues relating to non-compete and garden leave matters

VEMEX ENERGO on organisational changes affecting Slovak workforce

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