Our team specializes in advising clients on a range of issues related to launching and expanding new businesses, taking into account the perspectives of both founders and investors. 

Drawing on our experience with mature companies, we are able to foresee potential challenges and better prepare startups for substantial financing rounds. Our deep understanding of international standards, especially from common law jurisdictions, enables us to structure deals effectively. 

We are committed to ensuring our clients are well-positioned for success at every stage of their growth or investment.


Corporate structure, founders’ relations, setting up operations, licensing, and governance


ESOPs, employment relations and policies

Strategic Deals

Commercial and licensing agreements, anchor contracts, B2G contracts, and foreign market entry partnerships

Initial Funding

Funding via friends & family, angel investments and seed round

Acceleration and scale-up funding

Crowdfunding, series A and beyond and international venture capital

Investment liquidations

Liquidation events including founders’ exits, financial investor exit, buyouts by founders

Service Highlights

A private investor in Zdroje zeme on early investment restructuring and preparation for follow-up investment and other funding schemes to support scaling

Pixel Federation on establishing a multiparty incentive scheme

SEC Technologies on strategic contracts with civil and defence sector buyers and systems integrators across Europe, the UK, and overseas

SmartHead on Seed, pre-Series A and Series A investment rounds, including ancillary funding via established crowd investing platform

InoBat on the initial structuring of operations to establish battery demonstration and production lines with applications in electromobility, energy storage, and alternative fuels

KleinVision, the developer of the AirCar flying car, in connection with licensing production and sale of state-of-the-art certified flying cars in the Chinese market

Pixel Federation on key aspects of legal compliance of their business operations, intracompany restructuring and related shareholder arrangements between the founders and financial investors

GoodAI on intragroup share restructuring including an envisaged ESOP scheme

Private investor in Payout on increasing their investment and updating shareholder arrangements to support further company expansion

Carrivederci on the initial structuring and setup of local operations

Innovative agritech project on successful application for funding from European acceleration programme and subsequent transformation and contracting via Slovak national funding scheme

Financial investors on their entry into Finstat, and overall setup of shareholder relations

An innovative agritech project on initial corporate structure designed to protect intellectual property and other valuable know-how from commercial risks and field-trial exposure and enabling combination of various layers of envisaged funding schemes