We specialize in proactive risk management and crisis prevention, ensuring your business can respond quickly and effectively when challenges arise. 

Instead of producing lengthy response plans that go unused, our approach is straightforward and practical. We incorporate adaptable and flexible strategies into your daily operations, emphasizing regular risk assessments and efficient issue management. This preparation not only helps prevent crises, but also trains your organization to adeptly handle unexpected challenges. Consequently, your team can address issues quickly and transparently, fulfilling today’s stakeholder expectations for immediate communication.

Our partners bring deep expertise in crisis management and are ready to rapidly spot potential issues and provide tailored strategic guidance. This hands-on approach ensures problem-free operations and will position your company as a reliable, resilient market leader.

During a crisis, we focus on quick, targeted solutions to stabilize, recover, and strengthen your organization. Subsequently, we help you learn from the experience, integrating the insights into your operations to build a stronger, more resilient business.



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Financial Distress 

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Service Highlights

Large Slovak corporation on comprehensive compliance measures to ensure adherence to international sanctions, anti-corruption, anti-fraud and competition rules, whistleblowing laws, and other Slovak and EU legal standards.

Transpetrol in connection with crisis response situations such as alternative international oil supply routes, untested reverse oil flow propositions, international sanctions’ business interruptions, and unexpected cross-border infrastructure projects’ abortions

Novis on regulatory proceedings against multiple national regulators, involving litigations at different levels of national commercial, administrative, and constitutional courts, and ECJ and Board of Appeals

eustream on a proposed discriminatory new tax for the gas pipeline network, assessing its compliance with EU law and Slovak constitution, and advocating for the client’s positions in the legislative process

Transpetrol on its cybersecurity obligations to the National Security Bureau in relation to its status as an essential service provider

Zentiva in managing long-term speculative shareholder activism, successfully navigating related litigations

Large Slovak corporation in connection with the complex management of GDPR compliance

Large Slovak corporation on a comprehensive review of responsibilities for the top three management tiers

NAFTA on changes to the gas storage regulation introduced in response to the 2009 gas crisis and its impact on existing gas storage contracts

AVEA, an association representing over 400 creditors of Arca Investments, holding promissory notes totalling more than CZK 3.7 bil. in significant cross-border insolvency of Arca Investments in Slovak and Czech Republics