As daily life becomes increasingly reliant on high-speed, reliable internet connections, telecom and internet providers are investing heavily in new technologies, such as masts, antennas, optical fibre cables, and data centres, and acquiring mobile spectrum frequencies. To optimise resources, companies engage in network sharing agreements and establish specific limited joint ventures that benefit customers without hindering competition. The bundling of data with access to TV and radio stations also creates regulatory complexities.

Many of our clients operate in these sectors, where regulatory stability and predictability are critical. Ensuring the correct application of telecom regulations and competition / state aid rules is crucial. When national regulators fail to comply with EU or national rules, our experienced team is able to negotiate directly with the European Commission or the relevant Slovak ministries. We defend clients against specific regulatory obligations, which are often imposed without justification and respond to alleged damages claims by private parties. We have also assisted national regulators with resolving complex technical and legal issues.

Competition Law

The telecom sector has a limited number of players and high entry barriers, and therefore intense scrutiny of potential collaborations is vital. Our expertise in competition law enables us to guide our clients effectively, helping them determine which collaborations are advisable and which could lead to regulatory challenges, helping them avoid potential pitfalls.

Regulatory Advice

We provide clear, actionable advice on telecom regulations, supporting our clients as they interact with regulatory authorities. Our aim is to ensure full compliance and effective management of regulatory challenges, allowing our clients to focus on their strategic objectives.

Spectrum Auctions

We assist mobile operators by reviewing compliance of spectrum auction conditions with both telecom and competition laws, and support follow-up administrative or court proceedings if required.

National Litigation

Our in-depth industry knowledge ideally positions us to advise on strategic approaches and litigation strategies when national legislation conflicts with EU law, and during administrative and commercial disputes. 

Proceedings before European Commission

Drawing on our extensive experience, we represent clients when dealing with DG Connect and DG Competition, addressing complex issues related to telecom, competition, state aid, and procurement.

M&A in Telecom

Our lawyers are well-versed in managing M&A transactions in the telecom sector. Combining deep industry knowledge with a strong background in telecom law and significant M&A experience, we deliver successful deals that achieve our clients’ strategic objectives.

Sector Highlights

Leading telecom operator in proceedings before DG Competition in connection with alleged unlawful State aid

Leading company in the telecom sector in proceedings before DG Competition and regulatory authority related to compensation for released frequencies

Leading company in the telecom sector in connection with investigation conducted by the Competition Authority

Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services on disputes regarding provision of national roaming to a new mobile services provider and settlement between all major mobile network operators

Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services in respect of incumbent’s claims regarding its universal service costs and on frequency spectrum management issues

Leading company in the telecom sector in connection with a number of rounds of spectrum auction conducted by the Regulatory Authority

One of the world’s most successful premium automotive companies on various telecom regulatory matters relating to proposed connected car services and associated services

Kyivstar on evaluating the contractual terms and conditions regarding compliance of one of its major contractors