Sports in Slovakia face unique challenges, with teams and organisations navigating funding constraints and the need for modern facilities. Larger projects often require public-private collaboration, making a deep understanding of public finance regulations, State aid, and sponsorship essential. Our team has a proven track record in guiding high-profile sports projects, such as the development of the new national football stadium in Bratislava, ensuring compliance with evolving legal standards while maximising growth opportunities.

We have supported clients in this sector by facilitating investments in sports infrastructure and navigating various agreements, from construction and leasing to naming rights and facility management. Our expertise extends to securing public funding, grants, and sponsorship agreements, providing strategic guidance on governance structures and sports organisation regulations. Additionally, we have helped improve conditions for youth participation in sports and have extensive experience drafting and negotiating venue agreements while ensuring event safety, security, and liability.

Media & Entertainment

Media organisations face constant pressure to reinvent their business models as traditional media enterprises decline, and the digital and social media landscape transforms how content is created, consumed, and shared. Given their crucial role in upholding a pluralistic society and ensuring the public’s right to information and freedom of expression, it’s vital they continue to prosper. The entertainment industry is also experiencing rapid growth and diversification, driven by the rise of streaming platforms, global demand for original content, and advancements in digital production technologies. This evolving landscape requires artists, filmmakers, and entertainment companies to adapt to emerging trends while navigating evolving legal standards.

Our lawyers bring their deep expertise to the media and entertainment sector, advising on everything from M&A transactions to the intricacies of film production. We have been involved in the development of Slovakia’s largest film studios, providing comprehensive guidance on structuring, investor documentation, and financing, while fostering partnerships with international studios and production companies. We also represent one of Slovakia’s most successful film directors, helping him with agreements with producers and managing intellectual property rights. Whether it’s protecting IP, negotiating contracts, or advising on film industry infrastructure, our team is dedicated to supporting our clients’ creative vision and commercial success.

Sector Highlights

Owner and developer of National Football Stadium on issues related to this state-of-the-art sports infrastructure project, including  on construction and leasing aspects, naming rights negotiations, State subsidies regime, energy services contracts, and various operational matters

International insurance company on endorsement agreement with one of world’s top tennis players

Private investor on development of a unique film park for international film and TV productions and broadcasts near Bratislava

Prvé finančné družstvo on the disposal of its portfolio operating a nationwide radio broadcasting network to a leading multi-sector broadcasting operator

Top-tier Slovak video game creator in the pre-litigation phase of a cross-border copyright infringement dispute with a major Hollywood studio

One of Slovakia’s most successful film directors in negotiations with producers for directing several films and series

Gunpowder in contractual matters, including copyright licenses and licenses for the use of industrial property rights

Creative agency in litigating on agency’s claims against an operator of an internet media portal and video-sharing website, related to its previous work for the operator.