Our team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face in this sector. We have experience with a variety of international supply deals, including private and public tenders, framework agreements, partnerships, and expansion efforts. Our expertise extends to regulatory analysis and negotiations with local authorities. A deep understanding of the operational dynamics of both the private and public sectors is crucial for navigating the nuances of this industry. 

As new technologies shift the sector’s focus, we collaborate closely with our clients’ engineers and know-how providers. Together, we develop effective legal protection strategies that safeguard their innovations and mitigate risks.

Our work in this area encompasses a wide range of issues, demonstrating our commitment to providing clear and practical legal guidance. We are dedicated to fostering strong partnerships and delivering outcomes that closely align with our clients’ strategic goals.


Manufacturing & Supply Contracts

Commercial Transactions

Intellectual Property 

Data Privacy 


Regulatory Compliance & Permitting



Sector Highlights

SEC Technologies on strategic contracts with civil and defence sector buyers and systems integrators across Europe, the UK, and overseas

Assessment and structuring of intra-group relations between separate producer and trading entities producing and trading dual-use and military goods, focusing on permitting, licensing, and export control efficiency.

Established Slovak producer of military goods on international sales and exports of their proprietary manufacturing technology, including arrangements for delivery, assembly, testing, and staff relocation at client sites abroad.

Prominent Slovak group on their existing and planned foreign investments in other European defence sector businesses, including advice on shareholder relations, strategic business partnerships, specific product sale and purchase agreements, and divestment strategies.

Joint venture between a prominent Slovak group and a Middle Eastern government to construct a defence facility, including operation and maintenance arrangements.

Slovak group active in the defence sector in a court dispute over the takeover of a European producer of military machinery.

Private client on strategic, governance, and economic aspects of a shareholder dispute related to their investment in a prominent European arms and ammunition producer.