Nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations play crucial roles in tackling society’s most pressing challenges, from education and healthcare to advocacy and community development. Similarly, trade organizations advocate for business-friendly environments, foster cooperation, and advance industry standards. Nonprofits dedicate themselves to making a difference, and we are here to ensure that legal complexities don’t stand in their way.

We understand that legal issues can often seem like a distraction from your mission. That’s why our team is committed to keeping things straightforward and uncomplicated. We provide the expertise you need to navigate legal and compliance challenges, allowing you to stay focused on your goals without unnecessary complications. 

From refining governance structures to managing commercial projects and ensuring compliance, we handle the legal details, so you can focus your energy on what matters most — having a significant impact in the community. We aim to be more than just your lawyers, we seek to be partners in your mission to drive positive change. 

Entity Formation

We advise on the optimal structures for civic associations, charitable foundations, and trade associations, setting a solid foundation for success.

Corporate Governance

We assist organisations with establishing strong governance structures, ensuring that directors, board members, and trustees comply with their duties and regulatory obligations.

Strategic Management

We provide strategic decision-making support to keep you aligned with your long-term goals, helping you tackle challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

Trade Associations

Our team provides tailored legal support to help trade associations promote industry advancement and achieve organizational goals with confidence.

Intellectual Property

We work with you to ensure your intellectual property rights are protected, whether via registration, licensing agreements, or successful assertion, in and out of court.


We provide advice on a range of commercial arrangements to protect our clients’ interests.

Real Estate

Our experienced real estate team provides efficient, market-savvy advice on leasing, purchasing, selling, or renovating properties.


We provide guidance on employment contracts, workplace policies, and compliance with labour laws to ensure a harmonious and legally compliant work environment.

Dispute Resolution

With our strong litigation background, we seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for your disputes.

Read more about our pro bono work for nonprofit organisations here

Sector Highlights

Close collaboration with “Cesta von“, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Roma community development and education via programs such as Omama (mentoring) and FILIP (financial literacy).

City of Bratislava – multiple cases, such as securing ownership confirmation of the historic Prüger-Wallner Garden by successfully overturning a district court ruling, leading to full recognition of the City’s ownership rights.

Long-standing partnership with the law faculty of Comenius University, combining practical legal teaching with nonprofit sector needs.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic in connection with various governance issues and changes to organisational documents.

International Association of Oil Transporters, z.s. (IAOT) on various corporate, competition and energy regulatory matters as chief legal counsel.

Depaul Slovakia, a nonprofit organization aiding homeless and disadvantaged individuals, on legal matters including lease agreements, reconstruction projects, and energy contracts.

DEDO Foundation regarding the establishment of “Spolu pre rodinu”, an NGO working on stabilising the lives of children, families, and young adults transitioning from substitute care, and on governance issues relating to the DORKA Home Education Center.

Assisted the Slovak Scouts Association with protecting their intellectual property rights, analysing potential claims for past infringements.

Edulienka, a civic association, on developing a comprehensive suite of franchise documentation to facilitate the sharing of Edulienka’s educational model.

Mareena on resolving legal issues supporting integration of foreigners and promoting open societal discussions on migration challenges.