Local governments face a unique set of legal challenges requiring a deep knowledge of public law constraints and a thorough understanding of commercial regulations. Our team specialises in providing strategic legal advice to municipalities, particularly for public procurement, state aid, and municipal property laws. Our approach involves reaching out to government bodies and EU institutions to address critical legal challenges. We also stand ready to defend municipalities at all litigation forums necessary. 

Municipalities operate under tight budgets, while being tasked with increasing responsibilities for public services. This demands efficient management of their assets, including those owned by municipal companies. Increasingly, successful projects involve partnerships with the private sector, requiring our lawyers to navigate statutory limitations creatively and effectively to ensure the transactions are commercially viable.

We also advise private entities involved in transactions with municipalities. It is crucial that these dealings comply with all relevant public law requirements to avoid contract ineffectiveness. Our focus is on providing clear, straightforward guidance on the regulatory frameworks specific to different types of assets, ensuring our clients are well prepared, and their transactions are legally sound and secure.

Commercial & Civil Law Disputes 

Handling a wide range of commercial and civil law disputes, our team provides expert litigation support focused on contract issues, liability, and other legal conflicts. Our defence strategies are specifically designed for the public sector, ensuring strong representation for municipalities.

Public Procurement and EU Funds

We guide clients through every stage of the public procurement process and assist them in EU funds management. Our services include representation before the Public Procurement Authority, national and EU courts, and during European Commission investigations, ensuring effective advocacy throughout these processes.

Waste Management

Our team has strong experience in all aspects of waste management. From overseeing the construction of waste facilities to managing waste collection and resolving disputes with state authorities, we address the most critical issues in a swiftly changing legal landscape.

Construction Issues

We help municipalities manage construction contracts and resolve disputes with contractors and subcontractors. Our advice is rooted in a thorough understanding of procurement and State aid regulations.

Permitting and Zoning Plans

Skilled in addressing the complexities surrounding zoning plan approvals and reviews by state attorneys, we assist municipalities and private parties in navigating these issues effectively.

Administrative Law 

We assist municipalities with navigating the complex web of regulations that affect their decision-making processes. Our team provides strategic guidance, ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating approval of local regulations and permits.

Administrative Disputes 

With significant expertise in administrative law, we help local governments deal with oversight from state authorities and attorneys, utilizing legal arguments and precedents from across EU jurisdictions to secure advantages for our clients.

Concessions and Joint Ventures

By leveraging our thorough understanding of public regulations and various industries, we facilitate the formation of long-term partnerships that benefit both municipalities and private entities. 

Strategic Issues 

We address vital strategic issues that impact the future growth of municipalities, such as finding new revenue sources, developing partnerships with the private sector, adapting to legislative changes, engaging with EU institutions, and resolving longstanding disputes. 

Sector Highlights

Advised in several long-term, high-profile court disputes that resulted in favourable settlements for a municipality.

Provided counsel on economically disadvantageous long-term contracts for a municipality, successfully reversing or terminating them on the grounds of Slovak and EU law violations, particularly as regards State aid and public procurement.

Represented a municipality-owned company before Slovak courts and EU institutions regarding discriminatory award of COVID-19 State aid.

Advised a municipality on a complex concession agreement for the construction of a new car park, which became a significant source of income.

Represented municipalities in complex construction disputes under FIDIC and Slovak law related to transport infrastructure construction, successfully defending against EU fund corrections.

Advised numerous municipalities and private entities on zoning and permitting issues, including administrative reviews before courts and the state attorney.