Our commitment to the health and life sciences sectors is driven by a desire to advance healthcare and innovation. We are dedicated to supporting clients in these industries and helping them fully understand the unique challenges and regulatory complexities they encounter. Our experienced team provides clear, effective legal guidance to help our clients navigate stringent regulatory environments, manage risks, and seize growth opportunities.

We focus on building strong, personal relationships with our clients, ensuring we fully understand their needs and objectives. This approach allows us to provide tailored advice that addresses both the immediate and long-term challenges of their businesses. Whether addressing compliance issues, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, or litigation, we bring a practical informed perspective to help clients achieve their business goals.


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Sector Highlights

Sanofi on the sale of its generic business in Europe to Advent

Zentiva on long-term manufacturing and supply agreements for APIs and pharmaceutical products

Metrostav and InterHealth Canada during the competitive dialogue tender process for the development of a New University Hospital in Bratislava via PPP

Wood & Company as lender on hospital acquisition financing

Zentiva on the sale of its manufacturing business in Slovakia to Saneca Pharmaceuticals

Group of investors operating in drugs and medical devices distribution network on multiple contractual relations between producers and hospitals

Healthcare company on its development of a pharmaceutical product and its future commercial use, including IP rights and know-how patents

Large pharmaceutical producer on a dispute over property rights of originators of a production patent

Sanofi Slovakia on warehousing and logistic services arrangements with Saneca Pharmaceuticals