Social infrastructure is essential for community development and well-being, providing key services such as education, healthcare, housing, and public amenities. In Slovakia, there is a push to upgrade and expand these facilities to meet growing needs and modern standards. Current trends include increased participation of the private sector in social infrastructure development, adopting green building practices, and integrating digital technologies for smart infrastructure and enhanced delivery of services. Addressing these trends and the associated regulatory and financial challenges requires comprehensive legal support.

Our team offers legal guidance to navigate these complexities. We assist clients in planning, developing, and managing a variety of projects. Our services cover feasibility analyses, regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution. We combine expertise in corporate law, construction, engineering, finance, EU law and public policy to support the unique requirements of every project.

We work with a range of stakeholders, including private investors, sponsors, lenders, municipalities, and nonprofits, to facilitate smooth project execution and handle all legal aspects. This includes securing funding, structuring partnerships, managing procurement processes, and addressing legal challenges during the project lifecycle.

Our goal is to provide practical, business-oriented solutions that drive project success. By working closely with our clients, we help bring social infrastructure projects to life, enhancing the quality of life and supporting sustainable community growth across Slovakia.

Sector Highlights

On various issues relating to the development and construction of the National Football Stadium in Bratislava, a state-of-the-art sports infrastructure project combined with a commercial component, residential functions, and a high-rise administrative building.

Metrostav and InterHealth Canada during the competitive dialogue tender process for the development of a new University Hospital in Bratislava via PPP.

Assisting waste management company with planned upgrades to their incineration plant.

City of Bratislava on issues related to public housing development.

Slovak National Gallery on claim and funding issues related to reconstruction of its main building.

City of Bratislava on securing ownership of the historic Prüger-Wallner Garden by successfully overturning a district court ruling, leading to full recognition of the City’s ownership rights.