Our team provides clear, strategic counsel across various aspects of the oil sector, from navigating regulatory challenges to structuring transactions. We value trust and foster long-lasting relationships with clients at all levels of the industry, including national oil pipeline operators, international oil organizations, global oil traders, and local storage facility providers.

We handle complex regulatory and transactional issues that often extend beyond local borders. Our work includes managing oil crisis response situations, such as establishing alternative international supply routes, addressing untested reverse oil flow propositions, navigating business interruptions due to international sanctions, dealing with cross-border oil route contaminations, and resolving unexpected interruptions in cross-border infrastructure projects. Our clients’ projects range from European Commission-endorsed projects of common interest (PCIs) to routine local operations and maintenance storage facility contracts.

Increasingly, our clients rely on us for novel structures and bespoke arrangements across regional boundaries. These include multiparty cross-border oil swap schemes, competition compliance programs for international non-sensitive information exchange platforms, cross-continental transportation arrangements, third-party access to national oil pipeline systems, national emergency oil stocks strategies, and the design of international tax and customs schemes for cross-border storage projects.

In every engagement, we commit to providing straightforward, transparent advice that aligns with our clients’ strategic objectives and ensures compliance with all relevant regulations.

Sector Highlights

Transpetrol in connection with crisis response situations such as alternative international oil supply routes, untested reverse oil flow propositions, international sanctions’ business interruptions, and unexpected cross-border infrastructure projects’ abortions

Emergency Oil Stocks Agency on a new emergency oil stocks system, including related EUR 520 mil. syndicated bridge to bond financing

Transpetrol on its cybersecurity obligations to the National Security Bureau in relation to its status as an essential service provider

SpS on full environmental and licencing framework related to the storage of crude oil for Emergency Oil Stocks Agency

EOSA on comprehensive review and assessment of insurance policies for environmental risks and damages in the highly regulated oil industry

BSP Schwechat (a JV of Transpetrol and OMV) on the construction of an oil pipeline connecting the Druzba system with Schwechat refinery in Austria

International Association of Oil Transporters, z.s. (IAOT) – chief legal counsel

Transpetrol in connection with the USD 240 mil. acquisition by the Slovak government of 49% of Transpetrol shares from Yukos Oil Corporation

Glencore on crude oil trading and storage issues