Natural gas remains a crucial component in the energy transition and achieving net zero emissions. Its versatility aids in integrating unpredictable renewable energy sources into the market. European gas storage capacities enhance energy security, and as a transition technology, natural gas helps accelerate the phaseout of coal in power and heat production.

The European natural gas market has seen significant changes, including shifts to non-Russian producers, new gas transit patterns, increased LNG imports, and the development of LNG import facilities. Additionally, the potential to repurpose gas infrastructure for hydrogen transport and storage makes the industry vital for transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Our lawyers have extensive commercial and regulatory expertise in the natural gas sector, having worked with leading industry players in Slovakia. Our experience spans gas transmission, storage, and supply, and we have provided comprehensive legal support in these areas. We have advised on M&A transactions in the gas sector and handled complex regulatory issues, including price regulation, unbundling of infrastructure operators, and energy legislation reforms.

We also assist international gas suppliers with market entry, addressing regulatory, corporate, commercial, and other relevant aspects. We advise large industrial customers on gas supply contracts, capacity reservation agreements, and connecting industrial sites to the gas distribution network, as well as local distribution network issues. Our team is experienced in contentious matters, including international gas sector arbitrations.

Sector Highlights

eustream on strategic and regulatory matters relating to gas transmission

NAFTA on feasibility and implementation of innovative swap-based gas storage products

MET Holding Group on regulatory, corporate and other implications of entry into the Slovak market

GLP on gas supply agreements, capacity reservation agreements, issues related to connection of industrial sites to the gas distribution network and issues related to local distribution networks

NAFTA on introduction of the new regulatory framework following 2009 gas crisis and its impact on NAFTA’s commercial relations

Key player in European gas transmission operation in connection with enforcement proceedings

Slovak branch of German gas trading company on key gas supply contracts with large Slovak industrial companies and on regulatory issues related to gas supply

NAFTA on feasibility and structuring of innovative gas market products from Slovak and EU law perspective