Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations play crucial roles in tackling society’s most pressing challenges, from education and healthcare to advocacy and community development. Similarly, trade organizations advocate for business-friendly environments, foster cooperation, and advance industry standards. Nonprofits dedicate themselves to making a difference, and we are here to ensure that legal complexities don’t stand in their way.

We understand that legal issues can often seem like a distraction from your mission. That’s why our team is committed to keeping things straightforward and uncomplicated. We provide the expertise you need to navigate legal and compliance challenges, allowing you to stay focused on your goals without unnecessary complications. 

From refining governance structures to managing commercial projects and ensuring compliance, we handle the legal details, so you can focus your energy on what matters most — having a significant impact in the community. We aim to be more than just your lawyers, we seek to be partners in your mission to drive positive change. 

Entity Formation

We advise on the optimal structures for civic associations, charitable foundations, and trade associations, setting a solid foundation for success.

Corporate Governance

We assist organisations with establishing strong governance structures, ensuring that directors, board members, and trustees comply with their duties and regulatory obligations.

Strategic Management

We provide strategic decision-making support to keep you aligned with your long-term goals, helping you tackle challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

Trade Associations

Our team provides tailored legal support to help trade associations promote industry advancement and achieve organizational goals with confidence.

Intellectual Property

We work with you to ensure your intellectual property rights are protected, whether via registration, licensing agreements, or successful assertion, in and out of court.


We provide advice on a range of commercial arrangements to protect our clients’ interests.

Real Estate

Our experienced real estate team provides efficient, market-savvy advice on leasing, purchasing, selling, or renovating properties.


We provide guidance on employment contracts, workplace policies, and compliance with labour laws to ensure a harmonious and legally compliant work environment.

Dispute Resolution

With our strong litigation background, we seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for your disputes.

Read more about our pro bono work for nonprofit organisations here


As daily life becomes increasingly reliant on high-speed, reliable internet connections, telecom and internet providers are investing heavily in new technologies, such as masts, antennas, optical fibre cables, and data centres, and acquiring mobile spectrum frequencies. To optimise resources, companies engage in network sharing agreements and establish specific limited joint ventures that benefit customers without hindering competition. The bundling of data with access to TV and radio stations also creates regulatory complexities.

Many of our clients operate in these sectors, where regulatory stability and predictability are critical. Ensuring the correct application of telecom regulations and competition / state aid rules is crucial. When national regulators fail to comply with EU or national rules, our experienced team is able to negotiate directly with the European Commission or the relevant Slovak ministries. We defend clients against specific regulatory obligations, which are often imposed without justification and respond to alleged damages claims by private parties. We have also assisted national regulators with resolving complex technical and legal issues.

Competition Law

The telecom sector has a limited number of players and high entry barriers, and therefore intense scrutiny of potential collaborations is vital. Our expertise in competition law enables us to guide our clients effectively, helping them determine which collaborations are advisable and which could lead to regulatory challenges, helping them avoid potential pitfalls.

Regulatory Advice

We provide clear, actionable advice on telecom regulations, supporting our clients as they interact with regulatory authorities. Our aim is to ensure full compliance and effective management of regulatory challenges, allowing our clients to focus on their strategic objectives.

Spectrum Auctions

We assist mobile operators by reviewing compliance of spectrum auction conditions with both telecom and competition laws, and support follow-up administrative or court proceedings if required.

National Litigation

Our in-depth industry knowledge ideally positions us to advise on strategic approaches and litigation strategies when national legislation conflicts with EU law, and during administrative and commercial disputes. 

Proceedings before European Commission

Drawing on our extensive experience, we represent clients when dealing with DG Connect and DG Competition, addressing complex issues related to telecom, competition, state aid, and procurement.

M&A in Telecom

Our lawyers are well-versed in managing M&A transactions in the telecom sector. Combining deep industry knowledge with a strong background in telecom law and significant M&A experience, we deliver successful deals that achieve our clients’ strategic objectives.

Digital Technology

Digital technologies represent an exciting landscape. Rapid advancements, abundant capital, easy product iterations and scaling, and almost limitless applications across markets and industries offer numerous opportunities.

We advise clients on both ends of the equation, providers and customers, including global leaders, established industry players, challengers, and emerging agile teams. The versatility of digital technology is reflected in the diverse applications we cover. Our lawyers assist clients active in finance, cryptocurrency, creative industries, social media, health and well-being, ESG, and other areas with the creation, procurement, implementation, and compliance of their digital products, as well as technologies that support and enhance their operations.

The current surge of digital technology is impacting ever more everyday users, and the sector is taking a significant step towards universal application. Our diverse experience, willingness to experiment, and eagerness to learn from clients of all sizes and types, allows us to continuously enhance our digital expertise.

Sports, Media & Entertainment


Sports in Slovakia face unique challenges, with teams and organisations navigating funding constraints and the need for modern facilities. Larger projects often require public-private collaboration, making a deep understanding of public finance regulations, State aid, and sponsorship essential. Our team has a proven track record in guiding high-profile sports projects, such as the development of the new national football stadium in Bratislava, ensuring compliance with evolving legal standards while maximising growth opportunities.

We have supported clients in this sector by facilitating investments in sports infrastructure and navigating various agreements, from construction and leasing to naming rights and facility management. Our expertise extends to securing public funding, grants, and sponsorship agreements, providing strategic guidance on governance structures and sports organisation regulations. Additionally, we have helped improve conditions for youth participation in sports and have extensive experience drafting and negotiating venue agreements while ensuring event safety, security, and liability.

Media & Entertainment

Media organisations face constant pressure to reinvent their business models as traditional media enterprises decline, and the digital and social media landscape transforms how content is created, consumed, and shared. Given their crucial role in upholding a pluralistic society and ensuring the public’s right to information and freedom of expression, it’s vital they continue to prosper. The entertainment industry is also experiencing rapid growth and diversification, driven by the rise of streaming platforms, global demand for original content, and advancements in digital production technologies. This evolving landscape requires artists, filmmakers, and entertainment companies to adapt to emerging trends while navigating evolving legal standards.

Our lawyers bring their deep expertise to the media and entertainment sector, advising on everything from M&A transactions to the intricacies of film production. We have been involved in the development of Slovakia’s largest film studios, providing comprehensive guidance on structuring, investor documentation, and financing, while fostering partnerships with international studios and production companies. We also represent one of Slovakia’s most successful film directors, helping him with agreements with producers and managing intellectual property rights. Whether it’s protecting IP, negotiating contracts, or advising on film industry infrastructure, our team is dedicated to supporting our clients’ creative vision and commercial success.

Security & Defence

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face in this sector. We have experience with a variety of international supply deals, including private and public tenders, framework agreements, partnerships, and expansion efforts. Our expertise extends to regulatory analysis and negotiations with local authorities. A deep understanding of the operational dynamics of both the private and public sectors is crucial for navigating the nuances of this industry. 

As new technologies shift the sector’s focus, we collaborate closely with our clients’ engineers and know-how providers. Together, we develop effective legal protection strategies that safeguard their innovations and mitigate risks.

Our work in this area encompasses a wide range of issues, demonstrating our commitment to providing clear and practical legal guidance. We are dedicated to fostering strong partnerships and delivering outcomes that closely align with our clients’ strategic goals.


Manufacturing & Supply Contracts

Commercial Transactions

Intellectual Property 

Data Privacy 


Regulatory Compliance & Permitting



Real Estate Sector

As the Slovak commercial real estate market continues to evolve, our team stays at the forefront by embracing innovations in business models, advanced funding mechanisms, and smart technologies. With a growing focus on automation, energy efficiency, and sustainability, we assist our clients with seamlessly integrating these advancements into their strategic planning and operations to gain a competitive edge in a dynamic market.

We represent a broad spectrum of clients, including international and local real estate developers and investors. Our projects range from power plants and industrial estates to logistics parks, office buildings, shopping centres, retail and residential properties, hotels, and mixed-use developments. Our comprehensive support spans diverse projects, from large-scale developments to specific transactions involving various property types.

In collaboration with our specialists in corporate, M&A, projects, finance, and litigation, we deliver full-service real estate solutions. We guide our clients through every phase of their projects: from property acquisitions and project design to development, construction, and operations. We also provide assistance with commercialization, restructuring, joint ventures, disposals, and resolving complex construction disputes.


We handle the legal aspects of setting up and optimizing logistics facilities, including contracts, zoning, engineering, compliance and sustainability of operations, and expansion strategies.

Office & Retail

Tailoring legal services to the unique demands of office and retail spaces, our team addresses leasing agreements, property management issues, and tenant relations.

Hotels & Leisure

Providing legal support across the spectrum of hospitality-related issues, from leasing and development agreements to operational contracts and dispute resolution.

Energy & Infrastructure Projects

Recognized as a go-to firm for Energy & Infrastructure, we advise on real estate transactions related to energy & infrastructure projects, focusing on land acquisition, regulatory compliance, and environmental impact assessments. Our deep understanding of the Energy & Infrastructure sector is crucial in navigating the complexities inherent in these projects, ensuring our clients’ ventures are strategically planned and legally sound.

Industrial Projects

Guiding clients through the legal complexities of developing industrial sites, we offer expertise in land use planning, environmental law, and construction contracts. Our lawyers have played a significant role in establishing a presence for the majority of international carmakers with manufacturing operations in Slovakia. This provides us with unique insights into the specific needs and challenges of the automotive manufacturing industry under local conditions.

Acquisitions and Disposals

Advising on acquisitions and disposals across all property types, our deep involvement in each segment of the real estate market equips us with the insights needed to identify and address issues critical to the success of our clients’ transactions.


Local governments face a unique set of legal challenges requiring a deep knowledge of public law constraints and a thorough understanding of commercial regulations. Our team specialises in providing strategic legal advice to municipalities, particularly for public procurement, state aid, and municipal property laws. Our approach involves reaching out to government bodies and EU institutions to address critical legal challenges. We also stand ready to defend municipalities at all litigation forums necessary. 

Municipalities operate under tight budgets, while being tasked with increasing responsibilities for public services. This demands efficient management of their assets, including those owned by municipal companies. Increasingly, successful projects involve partnerships with the private sector, requiring our lawyers to navigate statutory limitations creatively and effectively to ensure the transactions are commercially viable.

We also advise private entities involved in transactions with municipalities. It is crucial that these dealings comply with all relevant public law requirements to avoid contract ineffectiveness. Our focus is on providing clear, straightforward guidance on the regulatory frameworks specific to different types of assets, ensuring our clients are well prepared, and their transactions are legally sound and secure.

Commercial & Civil Law Disputes 

Handling a wide range of commercial and civil law disputes, our team provides expert litigation support focused on contract issues, liability, and other legal conflicts. Our defence strategies are specifically designed for the public sector, ensuring strong representation for municipalities.

Public Procurement and EU Funds

We guide clients through every stage of the public procurement process and assist them in EU funds management. Our services include representation before the Public Procurement Authority, national and EU courts, and during European Commission investigations, ensuring effective advocacy throughout these processes.

Waste Management

Our team has strong experience in all aspects of waste management. From overseeing the construction of waste facilities to managing waste collection and resolving disputes with state authorities, we address the most critical issues in a swiftly changing legal landscape.

Construction Issues

We help municipalities manage construction contracts and resolve disputes with contractors and subcontractors. Our advice is rooted in a thorough understanding of procurement and State aid regulations.

Permitting and Zoning Plans

Skilled in addressing the complexities surrounding zoning plan approvals and reviews by state attorneys, we assist municipalities and private parties in navigating these issues effectively.

Administrative Law 

We assist municipalities with navigating the complex web of regulations that affect their decision-making processes. Our team provides strategic guidance, ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating approval of local regulations and permits.

Administrative Disputes 

With significant expertise in administrative law, we help local governments deal with oversight from state authorities and attorneys, utilizing legal arguments and precedents from across EU jurisdictions to secure advantages for our clients.

Concessions and Joint Ventures

By leveraging our thorough understanding of public regulations and various industries, we facilitate the formation of long-term partnerships that benefit both municipalities and private entities. 

Strategic Issues 

We address vital strategic issues that impact the future growth of municipalities, such as finding new revenue sources, developing partnerships with the private sector, adapting to legislative changes, engaging with EU institutions, and resolving longstanding disputes. 

Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences

Our commitment to the health and life sciences sectors is driven by a desire to advance healthcare and innovation. We are dedicated to supporting clients in these industries and helping them fully understand the unique challenges and regulatory complexities they encounter. Our experienced team provides clear, effective legal guidance to help our clients navigate stringent regulatory environments, manage risks, and seize growth opportunities.

We focus on building strong, personal relationships with our clients, ensuring we fully understand their needs and objectives. This approach allows us to provide tailored advice that addresses both the immediate and long-term challenges of their businesses. Whether addressing compliance issues, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, or litigation, we bring a practical informed perspective to help clients achieve their business goals.


Manufacturing & Supply Contracts

Licensing and IP

Supply Chain



Financial Institutions

In a landscape shaped by rapid digitalization and continuous regulatory changes, financial institutions must adapt to meet the dynamic needs of both customers and regulators. We assist these institutions by helping them refine their business models to efficiently respond to changes, reducing compliance burdens and enhancing their regulatory strategies. Our expertise includes enhancing regulatory compliance programs and providing targeted advice on complex regulatory investigations and inquiries.

We have worked with leading global banks, insurance companies, fintech firms, and other market participants across a wide range of financial regulatory issues. Our work covers financial services, financial instruments, and products, including specialised instruments such as Solvency II approved financial instruments and insurance-linked securities, and licensing, disclosure, marketing rules, and corporate governance. We also handle regulatory aspects of mergers and acquisitions, drawing on our experience of significant transactions.

With our deep knowledge of multi-jurisdictional financial transactions and the local regulatory landscape, we are well prepared to help our clients navigate the complex regulatory challenges they face.

Regulatory Investigations and Enquiries / Litigation

We represent financial institutions in regulatory proceedings at both the operational and litigation levels, dealing with national and European regulators. Our expertise spans national commercial, administrative, and constitutional courts, and the European Court of Justice and Board of Appeals. Additionally, we manage significant regulatory events such as changes of control and shifts in qualifying holdings.

Regulatory Capital Requirements

Our firm advises regulated financial institutions on meeting and managing their regulatory capital requirements. This includes issuing multiple Solvency II approved financial instruments, such as subordinated convertible bonds listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. We provide strategic advice tailored to ensure compliance and optimise financial structuring under the current regulatory frameworks. 

Compliance Programs and Reviews

Our team develops and refines compliance strategies for financial instruments and products on a multinational level, advising on complex cross-border insurance-linked securities structures and reinsurance schemes involving consortia of leading global reinsurers. We also perform thorough reviews of compliance concerning consumer regulatory requirements.


We provide strategic consulting for fintech companies, covering customer portfolio transactions and innovative services related to regulatory risks in financial services. Our expertise supports fintech innovation within compliant regulatory frameworks.

Social Infrastructure

Social infrastructure is essential for community development and well-being, providing key services such as education, healthcare, housing, and public amenities. In Slovakia, there is a push to upgrade and expand these facilities to meet growing needs and modern standards. Current trends include increased participation of the private sector in social infrastructure development, adopting green building practices, and integrating digital technologies for smart infrastructure and enhanced delivery of services. Addressing these trends and the associated regulatory and financial challenges requires comprehensive legal support.

Our team offers legal guidance to navigate these complexities. We assist clients in planning, developing, and managing a variety of projects. Our services cover feasibility analyses, regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution. We combine expertise in corporate law, construction, engineering, finance, EU law and public policy to support the unique requirements of every project.

We work with a range of stakeholders, including private investors, sponsors, lenders, municipalities, and nonprofits, to facilitate smooth project execution and handle all legal aspects. This includes securing funding, structuring partnerships, managing procurement processes, and addressing legal challenges during the project lifecycle.

Our goal is to provide practical, business-oriented solutions that drive project success. By working closely with our clients, we help bring social infrastructure projects to life, enhancing the quality of life and supporting sustainable community growth across Slovakia.