Collaboration with the Law Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava

Since 2016, we have been regularly collaborating with the Law Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava on a unique program that combines practical teaching for law students with the needs of the non-profit sector. Through this program, the faculty partners with lawyers offering “pro bono” services to solve legal issues for non-profit organizations.  We guide students in their work, ensuring the quality of their outputs. The students then present their findings and solutions to the non-profit organizations.

As a part of this project, we have worked on several legal issues for the non-profit organization Mareena. Mareena supports foreigners in their integration process through volunteer programs and educational activities. It fosters a friendly environment that connects Slovaks with foreigners and promotes an open, society-wide discussion on migration, integration, and their challenges. Our collaboration with Mareena has allowed us to contribute to meaningful community integration efforts while providing practical legal experience to the next generation of lawyers.

Prüger-Wallner Garden

The Prüger-Wallner Garden is a historic park in Bratislava, valued for its natural beauty and cultural significance. It serves as a peaceful green space for relaxation, recreation, and cultural events, making it a beloved landmark for the residents of Bratislava.

In 2014, the ownership of the Prüger-Wallner Garden was contested, with the Bratislava I District Court initially ruling against the City of Bratislava. Recognizing the garden’s importance, we stepped in to support the City in its legal efforts. Our team successfully appealed the decision at the Regional Court, and in subsequent proceedings, the opposing party recognized the City’s ownership rights.

Our legal support helped secure the Prüger-Wallner Garden as a public asset and ensured that the garden can continue to serve as a valuable space for the community.

Depaul Shelter

The St. Vincent De Paul Shelter in Bratislava, operated by Depaul Slovensko, provides essential services to homeless individuals, including overnight accommodation, social counselling, and support services. The shelter aims to offer a safe haven and improve the quality of life for those experiencing homelessness by addressing their immediate needs and helping them transition to more stable living conditions.

We supported the De Paul Shelter by assisting with various legal and operational matters, including with issues related to lease and energy offtake, as well as securing the operation of integration centres.

DEDO foundation

The DEDO Foundation is dedicated to ending family homelessness in Slovakia, particularly in Košice and Prešov. They use the Housing First approach, treating housing as a basic human right. This helps families and individuals, including refugees from Ukraine, find stable homes and receive the comprehensive support they need to improve their lives.

We’ve been pleased to support the DEDO Foundation in various ways. We helped them establish new non-profit organizations to better serve their clients, focusing on stabilizing the lives of children, families, and young adults after substitute care. Additionally, we provided advice on corporate governance to help these organizations be well-managed and effective in their missions. Our legal expertise supports DEDO in continuing to make a positive impact in the community.

Cesta von – FILIP program

The Filip program, part of Cesta von, supports families in generational poverty through long-term mentoring focused on financial literacy and economic stability. Mentors help families develop and implement plans to manage their finances, reduce debt, and achieve stable employment. This program not only aims to improve financial management skills but also builds self-confidence and empowers families to break the cycle of poverty.

We assisted one of the families involved in the Filip program with a financial litigation case, helping them to secure funds and achieve greater economic stability. This reinforces our commitment to supporting vulnerable communities and providing crucial legal assistance when needed.

Cesta von – Omama program

The Omama program, part of Cesta von, supports early childhood development for children in generational poverty. Local women, called Omamas, teach parents how to nurture their children’s growth from birth to age four, laying a foundation for future success in school and life. This program not only enhances the children’s prospects but also provides stable employment for the Omamas.

We are proud to support the Omama program by assisting with trademark registration, IP rights protection, and GDPR compliance, ensuring their continued impact and growth.