Hillbridges contributes to Simmons & Simmons’ Clean Energy Tool.

Hillbridges is honoured to be working with our international business partner Simmons & Simmons on the comprehensive Slovak content for the Clean Energy Tool. 

This easily accessible online resource provides detailed legal and regulatory overviews, as well as market information for the development, construction, operation, financing and ownership of clean energy projects. 

The tool includes content  in a standardised Q & A format across over 160 topics, covering grid connection, land access and permits, revenue streams, structuring and finance, disputes and green hydrogen. It also features a cross-jurisdiction comparison function for subscribers to browse and compare renewable energy frameworks across multiple jurisdictions.  The tool streamlines the decision-making processes required to select and bring renewable energy projects to market, and to maintain those investments.

With over 40 other jurisdictions currently included and more being added every month, the tool brings together content from the best-in-class local counsel from numerous countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East.

To learn more about the Clean Energy Tool, or to request a demo/free trial, please visit Clean Energy Tool